With large weddings not being permitted right now and probably won’t be for while many couples are not only postponing their weddings but they are re-thinking their entire wedding plan and moving toward something much smaller. Intimate weddings and elopements already have a lot of perks but now more than ever we will see these smaller celebrations as more of the norm in the months to come! But just because they are smaller celebrations in scale does not mean they aren’t just as epic, meaningful, and beautiful as a big bash. Personally, I prefer photographing small weddings and elopements for many reasons! They are generally low stress, more intimate, and the couples that opt to do them have a really down to earth and cool factor to them. Elopements and small weddings are perfect for couples who want to make their wedding day personal,low key, and it will not break the bank either! If you are thinking about changing your wedding plans to an elopement or small wedding here are some tips in making your wedding day all you dreamed of.

Joshua Tree Elopement

First look ideas

Consider a first look

First looks make for a really great photo opportunity. They alleviate some nerves and pressure by allowing you to see your partner’s face before you say your ceremony. If you are having some guests or family members at your wedding it will also allow you some quiet time with your fiance before the day begins just the two of you.


Make it a destination

Some couples opt for traveling an hour up the coast to where they had their first getaway together or choosing a place of their dreams that is miles away. Not only does this make for epic backdrop but it also takes you on a vacation! What is better than that?

Elopement outfits

Have fun with your Wedding Attire!

Just because you aren’t having the giant wedding does not mean you should not choose a outfit that makes you feel amazing! So feel free to wear the big puffy dress, something colorful, or a vintage pantsuit. Sky’s the limit. Let your wedding outfit be unique like you.

Custom wedding jacket

Add personal touches

Are there certain traditions or personal touches you want to include on your wedding day? Some couples will still do a first dance together to their favorite song or you can get some custom made jackets that you can wear after the wedding day as a souvenir.

Boho wedding couple

Splurge on what matters

Since you are going to save money not having to feed 150 people and on a expensive venue you have the option to pick and choose what you would like to spend a little extra on. I know many couples who will have a personal chef cook them their dream meal or get a fancy cake to celebrate. Others will chose to hire a super talented photographer and videographer and let’s be honest to me that is one of the most important things on your wedding day. The day goes by so fast, and if you want to share with your friends and family who couldn’t be there it’s so important to preserve this special day in your life with documentation.