Love will not be postponed or cancelled.

I am so happy to share the engagement session of my stepsister, Marissa and her fiancĂ©e Karen.  As a gift to them for their upcoming wedding I took these engagement photos and it was so special; their love is infectious.  I am so happy to have been able to capture this blissful moment in time for them. For years, their love has survived moving around the southwest as they supported one another to pursue their academic and professional dreams. Through the ups and downs of daily life and their countless new apartments their love has formed a strong foundation they continue to build on. 

I did not want to make it all about the Corona Virus, but it is impossible given their story and the world right now. Their wedding was supposed to be in early April and, sadly, they had to make the difficult, but responsible, decision to postpone their wedding, and their epic European honeymoon.  It broke my heart that they had this thrown at them but I have no doubt this will make them even stronger as a couple. There is some good news, Marissa was accepted into her medical residency in an emergency room in southern California where she will be on the frontlines protecting the public. I want to thank both Marissa and Karen for being so strong and supportive of one another through all of this and showing us how resilient love can be. 

Looking back at these photos from just a couple weeks ago, before the statewide stay-at-home order, reinforces why photographs are so important. These captured memories let us relive these beautiful moments in our lives and are something to hold onto. I know that when they do get married the feeling will be even more sweet and we will all be celebrating harder than ever. To all those engaged couples out there who are feeling discouraged please remember the love you have for one another has not been cancelled or postponed and to not loose hope.