Stylish and Vintage Inspired Engagement Session in Redondo Beach

Vintage styled engagement session Redondo Beach

Before every photoshoot I have there is a discussion about wardrobe. I am working on putting together some tips for my clients so they can get some ideas but the main thing I want to tell you is to BE YOURSELF BUT ELEVATED! I think a lot of times people think they need to become someone else, wear what they see on pinterest, etc. Sure it’s fun to get inspiration but do you really want to look back at your engagement session and say “who is that person?” or walk around feeling uncomfortable in the tall heels you never wear or the tight pants you can hardly breathe in? I never bought into that whole idea that you should give up feeling comfortable to look good because to me it shows all over your face, in your body language and your energy and it shows in the photos. So when I talk to couples especially before an engagement session and they ask me about wardrobe I tell them to wear something that makes them feel like themselves at their best. We go over some ideas together and I can tell you without a doubt it always comes out amazing! Take this cool couple Alessandra and Sam, they are both creatives and they have a vintage and victorian vibe going on. I love that they brought their own unique wardrobe to our session. They coordinate but do not match and that is another big tip I tell couples. You do not have to wear something super fancy if that is not you,I have plenty of couples that rock nice jeans and a nice top and it works out great but if you like to be outside the box and dress up do it!

I love how this session turned out and a huge part of that had to do with their wardrobe because it shined their personalities. I hope this helps get the wheels turning on how to show up for your next session and stay tuned for more hot tips on that! But for now here are some photos from this super cool couple’s engagement session at Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach.